About (ENG)

Pankratova Elena Borisovna

Member of Union of Artist of Russia since 1992
Education – Saint-Petersburg state
art-industrial Academy named after A. L. Stieglitz”
Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg
General director of “Otrazhenie” Ltd
Participated in more than 30 exhibitions including 9 international (Germany, England, France, Finland, Switzerland)

Works are in museums:
The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg The Palais des congrès
The Museum of Stained glass, St. Petersburg
The Museum of arts and crafts St. Petersburg State Academy of Art
The Museum of Bread, St. Petersburg
Museum-estate Kuskovo, Moscow
Museum of glass in Frauenau (Germany)
The Museum of glass. Yelagin Palace Museum, St. Petersburg
And in Private collections in Russia, Germany, England, France, Finland, Switzerland

The main direction of artistic creativity of Pankratova Elena.
The first mirrors were born from the desire of man to contemplate his reflection.
Winning more and more space in the interiors, the subject of the former luxury of the palaces has become one of the most popular building materials in the twenty-first century.
Modern design allows for almost universal use of glass in its quest to visually expand the space, not to mention the traditional walls of swimming pools and bathrooms.
Not just glass but the mirror walls allow going beyond the interior space.
The St. Petersburg artist Elena Pankratova creates in this” Wonderland” working with modern nonconventional color mirrors and glass.
Her graphics are teetering on the invisible line between philosophy of “reflection-refraction”, elementary physics and joyful state of soul of the author.